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6 Traits of Great Leaders

Mark Alexopoulos explains six top traits of leaders.

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While many presume that leaders invariably boast inherent qualities, bold dispositions, and tenacious spirits, this school of thought is utterly flawed. Given society’s capricious essence, the traits unique to leaders are continually shifting, allowing individuals with varying attributes to rising to a role in leadership. However, there are specific signs one should consider honing before assuming such a position. These qualities, while admirable in themselves, are specifically conducive to great leadership.


Any great leader should subscribe to a sound code of ethics. Strong moral principles show employees that their leader possesses integrity. Integrity, as it happens, is the base of a harmonious work environment. Taking ownership of one’s faults and recognizing team efforts are two ways leaders can manifest their candor.


When a leader establishes a loyal rapport with staffers, employees feel like vital assets. What’s more, when a leader conveys their appreciation for their team, a balanced blend of allegiance and honesty blossoms. Leaders can demonstrate their loyalty by providing for their employees and arming them with vital resources.


Exemplary leaders must be willing to place themselves in the crosshairs for the greater good of the company. While leadership decisions are rarely simple, decisiveness is a crucial component of great leadership. If a choice breeds adversity, leaders must not point the accusatory finger as an attempt to deflect the attention and defuse the situation. When making tough decisions, a leader must also be tough.


Though it’s not necessary for a leader to wear their heart on their sleeve, they should assume the role of a trusted confidant without overstepping boundaries. If a leader wants to demonstrate that they're both compassionate and warm hearted, being a shoulder to lean on is crucial.


Starting progressive ideas and new initiatives show that a leader is willing to innovate. As a result, employees feel inspired to pioneer new ideas. In essence, exceptional leaders will flex their creative muscles in the hopes of exciting excellence.


Leaders willingly place themselves in the forefront of developments. While at the forefront of operations, leaders must be willing and able to extinguish the hardships that befall their team. To do so, a leader should exhibit unparalleled levels of resilience. Remaining unruffled by unforeseen setbacks is a fundamental constituent of leadership.

Mark Alexopoulos is a leading entrepreneur and technology expert in the automotive remarketing industry. Check out his automotive blog or follow him on Twitter!

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